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English Bulldog Puppies For Sale


 English Bulldogs
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Southern Style Bullies
began      breeding quality AKC certified English Bulldog puppies in 1998. We took a few years off from breeding while our 'people children' and our 'Bullie children' grew up a bit. We are in the process of building our Bullie business again and are excited to welcome you to our website.

Our English Bulldogs are raised in a very loving, hands on, environment.  Our female Bulldogs come from 3 generations of Championship lines.  We are dedicated to breeding puppies for conformation, temperament and health.

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

"Our first Bulldog purchased from Ms Stokes was MISSY...We just loved this little girl beyond description.  We now have WINSTON and he is approaching 2 yrs of age in October. What a great & lovable guy he is. I would recommend Southern Style English Bulldogs to any and all.
Ms Stokes stands behind all her Bullies. A great institution!!"  -
Jerry L.


Southern Style English Bulldogs For Sale

The dogs and puppies at Southern Style Bullies are healthy,
energetic and people oriented - they love attention!

Tebow Male English Bulldog Stud

We started with one English Bulldog puppy, Gabby.  Our whole family fell in love with the breed, so we bought another puppy, and another.  We decided to start breeding English Bulldogs so other people could realize the same enjoyment we found from owning Bullies. English Bulldogs are very funny, they are great with kids, and are extremely affectionate.  All of our Bulldogs are raised as our family pets and get plenty of love and attention. 

- Leslie Stokes, English Bulldog Breeder/Owner, Southern Style Bullies


As adults, most of our puppies will weigh between 53-55 pounds
and stand between 11 - 14 inches high.

English Bulldogs have short, smooth coats and their color can vary:
red, fawn, brindle, pale yellow or washed-out red, white,
or any combination of these colors.

The average life span of an English Bulldog is 8 - 12 years.


Bulldog_Playtime_ English_Bulldog_Playtime

All of our AKC English Bulldog puppies come with shots,
a health certificate, and a health guarantee.

We will ship our English Bulldog Puppies anywhere! 

We accept Money Orders, Cash, *Major Credits

*Major Credit Cards Accepted via PayPal, Add 4% Processing Fee


Southern Style Bullies is a family owned business; we breed English Bulldogs because we love them and hope that you will too.  We are located in *Hilliard, Florida, and are willing to deliver your Bullie up to 2 hours away for a nominal fee, just ask!

*Hilliard is located approximately 30 miles North of Jacksonville, Florida; 120 miles South of Savannah, Georgia; 100 miles East of Valdosta, Georgia; 100 miles East of Live Oak, Florida


English Bulldog Puppies For Sale English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Important Things To Remember When Looking For A Puppy

Avoid dogs not registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club)
Avoid "Mini" Bulldogs
Mini Bulldogs are usually a Bulldog and Pug cross breed.  If you are looking for a small bulldog, you should consider the French Bulldog.  Purebred and sweet, French Bulldogs are a pleasure to own. If you are concerned about the cost involved with the Bulldog breeds, you may want to consider a different breed - you get what you pay for. 
Avoid dogs from foreign countries brought into the U.S. through brokers.  Unfortunately, this practice has led to the newest version
of the 'puppy mill' and has created health and registration concerns. 
(A broker is someone who imports puppies
for the sole purpose of resale).
Always deal with a breeder directly; know their qualifications,
their guarantees, and all applicable information needed to
register your puppy with the American Kennel Club.

English Bulldog Puppy Breeding Kennel

Southern Style Bullies
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Hilliard, Florida
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